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Nico the wonderpup ...

The boyfriend is up north doing the family thing, sick uncle, so I volunteered to watch the dog thee diva, Nico :)
There's been lots of napping, Nico is one serious napper, yo! lots of walks, lots of running, and there's a half eaten bone on my couch!

I was more than a little worried yesterday, while at work, because she's not usually left for so long, I'm gone for 11 hours of the day (I leave house at 7:50 in the morning and return at 18:50), that's a looooong day. Matt's never gone that long and if he's going to be working late he usually comes home during lunch to let her out, well I take the bus, which accounts for my long day, so that's out. Anyway. She's been a real angel! Kiko on the other hand, well, let's just say I hope his behaviour wont rub off on Nico .. he's up rooted one of my plants a half dozen times in the past three day, and that's just for starters! *rolls eyes* I'm not sure what it is with this plant all of a sudden but it seems like the last two days I've woken up to find Laurel (yes, I name my plants) lying on the floor!
Speaking of Kiko, he found the joys of toilet paper today! It was a Kodak moment for sure, too bad I was half asleep and running late.

I think the diva and I are going to go for a walk before it gets too dark out. :) (we're going on a 7 mile run tomorrow morning :))

We just got home from our thrity minute walk/run/jog thru the neighorhood and cemetery. We had a great time! The moon (almost full) has this beautiful pale yellow glow to it and looks like something out of a painting next to the deep blue sky. The bats are out in full force tonite, one came within a couple feet from hitting my head, and we, rather I, saw a couple of deer in the woods, Nico was too busy sniffing the ground :)

I'm re thinking taking her on my run in the morning. Maybe we'll go for a nice long walk after my run, as part of my cool down (not that you really need a cool down for 7 miles). I have always been under the impression, from Matt, that I wouldn't be able to keep up with Nico if I took her on a run. It's the other way around, it's her who's huffing and puffing a good three feet behind me, even when I'm at a slower pace toward the end of our walk/run.

I can not believe she's almost done with the bone I got her today! Holy hell! Someone's going to sleep good tonite :)

Speaking of sleeping .. I think it's time I hop in the shower and get ready for bed. Not that I'll be sleeping anytime soon, too much cleaning to do, that and I have a furry not so little anymore feline that hasn't been getting a lot of attention today, so we're going to do some serious playing tonite :)
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