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cats running and housing ..

the last 24 hours ...

* sunday was my last 20 mile run before my marathon on the 24th! seeing how i only ran one, yes, one mile all week (to be fair it was a kick ass mile and i did do a PR) i was pleasantly surprised at how smooth sundays run went! i didn't have my best time (didn't expect to either after not running all week), nor my worst time. i actually did fairly decent as far as time goes. what's more important is how i felt, and after the first few miles i felt great! of course i was feeling a bit fatigued by mile 18, but like i said, after not running all week (due to my housing crisis) that was to be expected. btw, my legs feel good today:)

* i hate goo/energy gels, and eating a Cliff/Luna bar while on a long isn't giving me the energy i needed, so i decided that i'd try some dried pineapple chunks for energy (as recommended by someone in the marathoners community).
yup, i should have took their advice earlier! not only do the pineapple chunks taste waaaaay better but i get the energy boost i need (i ate around 6 chunks every 15-30 minutes after the first hour)! :)

* i got to hang out (over dinner) with big_trouble last nite!!!
in case you don't know, he's a real stand up guy! i miss seeing him on a (semi) regular basis. that's okay though, as soon as he gets set up in Brooklyn i am SO on his floor (for a week or two)! LOL!

* i miscalculated my commission check by over $100! i was really counting on that extra money. this sucks. speaking of commissions, with jill gone my commissions have been great (no one to steal them .. funny how that works).

* all the affordable housing is in Ypsilanti. damnit. it's just too far of a commute to work (and back). i'd have to get another job and with all that's going on right now that's the last thing i need to worry about ... finding another job! grrrrr.

* while on our walk tonite stacee and i ran into two cats on Main St. (which is a busy street) walking around looking like they wanted to go play in traffic! they started following us so we stopped and decided to follow them and see if they would take us to their home. they kept on walking up the back steps/entrance of this studio downtown, and upon further investigation we found 9 Lives cat food inside the hallway (we peeked in the door before we started banging on it) and used cat food tins bagged up outside. we banged on every door in hopes that someone would answer so we could make sure that they did indeed live there (one cat even went to the front door of the studio and tried to get in that way), but, nobody was home.
it was a little unnerving as they kept on walking up to the curb like they were going to run across the street or something .. like i said, this is all happening on a BUSY street downtown! we were so worried about them that we stayed there to make sure they were okay until their asshole human companion(s) came home.
what kind of a fucking heartless moron are you that you let two cats with NO ID tags or collars on run around on a busy street downtown at nite? GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!
anyway, as soon as this woman comes walking up the alley with her $200 hair cut and her wanna be So Ho hipster fashion (her poodle has a better hair cut then i do, btw ... yeah, she has a dog, too) we KNOW the cats have got to belong to her. and they do.
stacee politely tells her she thinks they are hungry because they've been crying at the door(s) for the last 30 minutes. she says no, they're not hungry, she just fed them this afternoon. no thank you for making sure her cats don't run out in traffic, she just waltzs by us like were trash and unlocks her door ... the one cat ran in as soon as she opened up the door, the other one was still outside (we hadn't seen it in 10 minutes and didn't know where it escaped to) and she didn't seem to care either, she just walked in with her poodle and ugly man friend/husband/boyfriend and that was that. BITCH!

animals are not accessories, they are living breathing feeling creatures and if you don't have the time or energy to take care of them (like you would your own children) then don't bother adopting one! her poodle was obviously some kind of fashion statement for her.

needless to say we spent the majority of our walk stressing about the cats!

i'm glad at least one cat is warm now. if i see either one of those cats out and about town i will for sure be catnapping them on the spot! you can put money down on that one!

* time to heat up some leftovers and veg for a while.
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