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another post about running ..

one more month to go! 4 weeks. 30 days. holy. shit. the panic, the stress, the excitement, it's all here. swimming inside of me. it's going to be a roller coaster of a ride's a good thing i'm an adrenaline junkie!

i keep on second guessing myself i running enough 20 mile runs (*1)? should i run another 20+ mile run? when do i start tapering (*2)? am i eating enough carbs? am i drinking enough water?
am i cross training enough? should i pick up the intensity in my cross training (when i start tapering)? am i resting enough? am i resting too much?

*1 i will be running my last 20 mile run next Sunday (then start tapering) ... i may decide to do a couple extra miles (we'll see how i feel at the time).

*2 even though i am following a marathon training schedule for beginners, it's a little different than what my class is doing, and what i've read in books (and depending on the book you pick up you can get anything from a 5 week taper to a 3 week taper). i've added a LOT to my original schedule .. thrown in a few extra 20 mile runs, and a 24 mile run, i've also repeated core weeks (mainly those with the long run being 17 miles). btw, a big fat thank you goes out to all those in the runners and marathoners communities who have given me solid advice and support along the way! :) xoxo

speaking of support ..

since i'm getting none from my family (they think i'm crazy and to be honest i doubt they will show up to watch me run my first marathon), it came as a great surprise when a friend of mine asked if he could come watch me run!!! um, hell yeah, you can come watch me run!!! :)

in other running news ..

even though i skipped my tuesday run this week (due partly to my right hamstring and partly due to me going to the movies .. Maria Full of Grace), i had two of the best runs ever this week! usually it takes me at least 3 miles before i get into "the zone" ... not this week, i felt great from start to finish during both runs! and tonite, my stride was excellent! i felt like i was gliding :)

it's so easy for me to get discouraged, especially because i'm not the fastest runner out there. i feel like i should be XT harder, and doing more (miles), but i know that i'm doing the best that i can. i also know that my normal runs are a hell of a lot harder than most peoples (hills hills and more hills).
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