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24 miles ..

i hit the wall. head on as a matter of fact! i've always heard about "the wall" and now we've been properly introduced. the first 20 (or so*) miles were no problem, it's the next 4 that killed me! i seriously do NOT know how i did it, but somehow i pushed through all the pain and finished my run.

why oh why did i choose the one route that was nothing but hills? hill after hill after hill! sure it's beautiful, but come on ...what the hell was i thinking? it's a good thing that Detroit is a fast (flat) course (it's a qualifying course for Boston) otherwise i'd be in a funk right about now.

* because the route i was running was so hilly (24 miles of nothing but hills) i think i may have hit the wall a little early (maybe mile 18 or 19).

this and that ... from todays run

* dogs are always barking at me when i run, some even like to run next to me from time to time. today i had a dog run up to me (i almost ran right into him/her) and bite my shorts! i don't know if it was an attack dog, trained to go after people or if he/she just wanted to play (like i said i've had a few dogs that want to go running with me). either way, as soon as it's owner called it's name he/she went running back to him. i never stopped, i just kept on running. :)

* i ate 2 Luna bars and drank all 50 oz. of water in my Camelbak.
i had a Cliff bar left over but no water to go with it :(

* i was contemplating calling my dad (who lives in the area) and having him meet me and bring some Gatorade!

* toward the end of my run (last 5 miles) my walk breaks went from 1-2 minutes to 3-4 minutes! damn those hills!

* despite todays run being hands down the hardest run i've ever done, it was a BEAUTIFUL day! you couldn't ask for a more perfect day (the weather was in the 40's when i started and the 60's when i finished) .. i even saw two deer :)

* i'm glad i decided to rest yesterday :)
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