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Sunday morning run ..

i've been looking forward to this run all week! i knew it was going to be an easy one (short) because i had been sick all week long and only managed to squeeze in one pathetic 3 miler!

i had everything all laid out (per usual) .. sports bra, shirt, shorts, socks, underwear, new Nike drifit cap, sunglasses, Tylenol 8 hour, water bottle (waiting to be filled), cell phone (in case i injure myself ..or worse!) .. i was ready to go! i got up around 6:30 AM and ate breakfast while watching CNN, did some stretches, brushed my teeth, contemplated taking a shower (decided against it), and believe it or not i even crawled back into bed for a little while.

i have been telling myself for the past three days that i was going to take it easy today* ... i was going to start my run at 8:00 AM (giving me a chance to sleep in), i was going to have a slower than usual pace (due to my being sick and my strained right hamstring and strained left quad injuries over the past two weeks), i was also going to take lots of walk breaks, and keep well hydrated. however, Mother Nature had other plans for me! to say it was foggy out there would be an understatement as i could barely see 20 feet in front of me! not good, especially when you run on country roads that wind (lots of blind curves) and have hills! so i waited. and waited. finally, at 9:15 AM i was out the door! i felt a little lighter than usual and it wasn't until i was about to turn down Huron River Dr. that i realized i had left my house keys in my purse at home! so i run back home, pound on my landlords door (he's deaf) and wait. nothing. i pound some more. nothing. all of a sudden i hear some rustling coming from the kitchen, so i make my way over to the side door and there he is at the kitchen sink washing dishes in his boxers and a t-shirt! *lol*
disaster avoided!
anyway, it wasn't until 9:20 AM that i finally started my run!

my plan was to run down Huron River Dr. to Walsh Rd., run down Walsh Rd., to Mast Rd., then down Mast which will take me home (it's a 12.47 mile run), but then i started thinking about running down Huron River Dr. to Walsh Rd. and back (10.2 miles) because it was so humid and i was still recovering from injuries and sickness. i wasn't going to make up my mind until i got to Walsh Rd. ... if i felt up to it i'd run down Walsh (1.77 miles of gravel and a couple of hills thrown in for good luck), and continue on Mast (i have only run .8 miles on Mast before -coming from Strawberry Lake Rd, turning down Mast and then turning on Walsh Rd.) until i got home.
believe it or not, i was feeling really good (and strong)! usually the first few miles are always the hardest on me (it takes at least 4 miles for me to get into "the zone"). not today, though. i felt great! my breathing was good, i had a nice controlled pace (slower than usual), and my legs felt good :) the next thing i knew i was running in the Shire (what i like to call Walsh Rd.)! no turning back now!

i have never really been on Mast Rd. before and wasn't sure what to expect. the portion of Mast Rd. that i usually run on is well shaded and flat. i could only hope that the rest of Mast Rd. was like this too, as the temp was in the 80's and it was HUMID! i had every fly known to mankind swarming me, and i could really use some shade! well, that didn't happen!
first of all Mast Rd. is freaking BEAUTIFUL! period. it's also very hilly... where Joy Rd. has a few big hills at the beginning and some smaller ones toward the end, Mast Rd. has hill after hill! you think to yourself thank god that one's over with, then you look up and there's another one waiting for you! *LOL* not only is Mast Rd. full of hills, it has NO shade! it's all farmland. one corn field after another!
there was the occasional tree by the side of the road here and there offering me about 5 seconds of shade to cool down in, but for the most part the sun was hot, the humidity felt like it was at 100% and i was running out of water! hahahaha!
but, i was also enjoying one of my favorite new roads! :)

i ran up and down one hill after another for the better part of 5.4 miles .. i tried to keep a positive attitude the whole time (i did a pretty good job of it too), and not let the humidity ruin the beauty that surrounded me!

by the time i got back into town i was out of water and ready for a nap! i've had plenty of water since then (a good lunch, too), but still haven't had my nap!

all in all, i had a great run and can't wait to get back on track next week! :)

* i have a tendency to really push myself (because in my mind i can do anything), so i have to remind myself over and over to take it easy (when needed) otherwise i'll get hurt.
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