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two choices ..

.. for this mornings run.

the first being a longer run, which has a few decent size hills and some twists and turns along the way. i've run this route a lot and quite enjoy it. it take me past some very scenic farms, some rolling hills and an official "Natural Beauty, Scenic Drive" road :)

the second choice for this mornings adventures ..
a shorter route, loaded with hills! hill after hill after hill (the last 5.53 miles). this is also a beautiful route, however, it's also an extremely challenging route (not to mention dangerous).

what to do what to do ...

i left the house not knowing which i'd do until i got to W road ... if i ran past W road, it's going to be the long run. if i turn down W road, it's going to be the shorter (more difficult) run.

i ended up doing the shorter run. my legs are still trying to figure out a way to kick my ass.

EDIT: 19:42
my legs are now thanking me :)
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