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another 20 miler ..

all i knew when i headed out the door this morning was that i was either going to run 20.2 miles or 24 miles .. i wasn't really sure of what route i was going to take and true to form i didn't make up my mind until the last minute when i ran right by W road (instead of turning down W road), and headed toward SLR. that was that, i'd be running 20.2 miles! i was feeling pretty good, taking plenty of walk breaks early on, i had my Camelbak with me (keeping well hydrated), my form was good, and despite swallowing a gnat (or two) my breathing was excellent! by the time i reached the 1/2 way mark i had already shaved 5 minutes off my previous time on this route ... i first ran this route in early august, my last 20 mile run was in north A2 on a fast course, so we wont be comparing todays 20 mile run with that one (which was two weeks ago)! as i turned around to tackle the remaining 10.1 miles i noticed a co-worker driving by (i assume he was coming from jills house at 10:15 on a sunday morning). anyway, the rest of the run went pretty good and before i knew it i was at the 18 mile mark, and by the time i got to my driveway i had shaved 15 minutes off my previous time running this route!!!!!

holy. shit.

not only did i shave 15 minutes off my time, but i noticed a considerable improvement in my running today:) i felt a LOT stronger ... right up to the very end ..and i have a nice welcome home hill that awaits me as i turn the corner heading into town and make my way up the last .5 miles to my door!
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