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Le avventure di un ragazza venerdì [entries|friends|calendar]

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Nico the wonderpup ... [28 Jul 2007|09:55pm]
[ mood | content ]

The boyfriend is up north doing the family thing, sick uncle, so I volunteered to watch the dog thee diva, Nico :)
There's been lots of napping, Nico is one serious napper, yo! lots of walks, lots of running, and there's a half eaten bone on my couch!

I was more than a little worried yesterday, while at work, because she's not usually left for so long, I'm gone for 11 hours of the day (I leave house at 7:50 in the morning and return at 18:50), that's a looooong day. Matt's never gone that long and if he's going to be working late he usually comes home during lunch to let her out, well I take the bus, which accounts for my long day, so that's out. Anyway. She's been a real angel! Kiko on the other hand, well, let's just say I hope his behaviour wont rub off on Nico .. he's up rooted one of my plants a half dozen times in the past three day, and that's just for starters! *rolls eyes* I'm not sure what it is with this plant all of a sudden but it seems like the last two days I've woken up to find Laurel (yes, I name my plants) lying on the floor!
Speaking of Kiko, he found the joys of toilet paper today! It was a Kodak moment for sure, too bad I was half asleep and running late.

I think the diva and I are going to go for a walk before it gets too dark out. :) (we're going on a 7 mile run tomorrow morning :))

We just got home from our thrity minute walk/run/jog thru the neighorhood and cemetery. We had a great time! The moon (almost full) has this beautiful pale yellow glow to it and looks like something out of a painting next to the deep blue sky. The bats are out in full force tonite, one came within a couple feet from hitting my head, and we, rather I, saw a couple of deer in the woods, Nico was too busy sniffing the ground :)

I'm re thinking taking her on my run in the morning. Maybe we'll go for a nice long walk after my run, as part of my cool down (not that you really need a cool down for 7 miles). I have always been under the impression, from Matt, that I wouldn't be able to keep up with Nico if I took her on a run. It's the other way around, it's her who's huffing and puffing a good three feet behind me, even when I'm at a slower pace toward the end of our walk/run.

I can not believe she's almost done with the bone I got her today! Holy hell! Someone's going to sleep good tonite :)

Speaking of sleeping .. I think it's time I hop in the shower and get ready for bed. Not that I'll be sleeping anytime soon, too much cleaning to do, that and I have a furry not so little anymore feline that hasn't been getting a lot of attention today, so we're going to do some serious playing tonite :)

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[16 May 2006|08:15pm]
[ mood | numb ]

It's inoperable brain cancer. She's two.

[26 Mar 2006|11:32pm]
[ mood | is laughing my ass off a mood? ]

"It's like going to heaven and finding God smoking crack."

Thank you Aaron McGruder! Seriously. Thank you.
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[09 Mar 2006|10:49pm]
[ mood | awake ]

I couldn't agree more. Kudos to the two of them for speaking out.

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the Monkeysphere .. [16 Feb 2006|05:37pm]
Quite possibly one of the best things I've read on the internet.
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[15 Feb 2006|11:29pm]


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Viva la France! [30 Jan 2006|07:47pm]
[ mood | is happy to be vegan a mood? ]

Kudos to the French for taking a stand! I'm sure the images were pretty horrific. I know I didn't last more than two maybe three minutes (tops) when I saw my first video of the markets in China where they kill the dogs and cats while they're still alive ... that's right it's not just dogs, they are quite fond of cat's as well.

Anyway, I'm sure I don't have to tell you my views on this.

Now if you'll excuse me I need to make my way to the kitchen ... I have some curried tofu calling my name!

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Quote of the Day ... [08 Jan 2006|08:15pm]

"There are thousands of channels in our consciousness; it is up to us to choose the channel."

- Thich Nhat Hanh

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Rare public post ... [10 Nov 2005|08:30am]
[ mood | awake ]

Quote of the day ..

"Friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies."
- Aristotle

News of the Day ..

* So, it looks like the Mac mini is out and the iMac G5 is in! All hooked up it will actually cost less then the Mac mini and be more powerful! Who'd have thunk it (who besides my boyfriend who pointed it out to me;)), obviously not I. I'm giving myself to my next birthday (June) to make this happen. Hopefully by then I can get my credit in better shape and be able to make monthly payments (on time).

My sister bought a Mac mini over the summer and loves it! She also has boat loads of money (although you'd never know it by what a tight wad she is) ... she's a Taurus (she saves hoards every penny that ever came her way).

Go ahead, pick one! ...

What marathon(s) should I run next year?

Big Sur
Deadwood Mickelson Trail (in the Badlands)
HC Andersen (Odense, DK)
Mayors Midnite Run (Alaska)
Rotterdam (Rotterdam, NL)

I want to run two marathons next year and I can't decide (what's new) which ones to run. Chicago would be cool because I can take the train there and hang out for a long wknd, also I was thinking it would be nice to do an overseas marathon ... I *love* Odense (Denmark), and Venice (wouldn't it be cool to run a marathon in Venice?), and Rotterdam is supposed to be one of Europe's best marathons, also I just found out about the Deadwood Mickelson Trail marathon, which looks pretty bad ass!

So, come on, don't be shy tell me what you think!
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[31 Aug 2005|10:31pm]

American Red Cross

800-HELP NOW (435-7669) English
800-257-7575 Spanish

on the way home from the gym .. (just had to share) [17 Aug 2005|08:40pm]
Crazy Woman: sitting in her front screened in porch, we can not see her. "She's telling you she doesn't like the colour, Dale."

Dale: somewhere across the street "Who?"

Crazy Woman: "The bird. She's doesn't like the colour you're painting the house."

gym girl walking down the street: keeps on walking, pretending not to notice crazy neighbours.

Btw, this is the same bird who whistles at me and can sound like a machine gun (not at the same time it whistles, though).
I half expected to hear "Incoming!" the other day!

Never a dull moment.
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[13 Aug 2005|04:13pm]
[ mood | is studious a mood? ]

Would you believe I've almost (almost) forgotten how to do this? jeesh. It's been a while (to say the least). My girl is fixed and *crosses fingers* just like newish?

anyway ...

How the heck are YOU? Do tell!


Well, let's see ... I'm currently in training for my second marathon (Twin Cities), I take my exam in November (to become certified as a personal trainer), I get up at 5:10 every morning do some cardio, do yoga, get ready for work, go to work, come home from work, go to the gym/run (depends on the day), come home cook dinner, study, and go to bed. fun fun F U N! I do that 6 days a week.

I do go out on "dates" ... no one "special" as of yet. Maybe it's me. My expectations are too high. Maybe if I lowered them I'd be okay. ;)

ciao ciao!

btw, all posts from this point on will be friends only.

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[19 Dec 2004|05:08pm]
yeah, so it's been a while. i'm still alive. which is more than i can say for my machine. actually, that's not true. my machine is still alive.

to say my life has been hectic over the past two months is a bit of an understatement, to say the least.

one day after finishing my first marathon i started packing for my next big adventure. my move to a neighbouring city. yeah, that's right started! speaking of moving .. did you think that i would take the day off to move? why hell no (that's what sane people do)! i worked all day then came home and met a couple of co-workers (who btw, took the day off) who helped me move! fun was to be had by all! ;)

the next week was spent unpacking (i still have a box or two left .. but that's mainly stuff for my machine), the week after that was spent in and out of the hospital (my mom had more surgery), the next week found me bed ridden for a couple of days .. all the stress of the past few weeks had finally caught up with me! then next thing i know i'm buying holiday gifts for dogs (people, too)!

oh yeah, i have two new marathons picked out for this year ... well, actually i only have one picked out so far (the Marine Corps Marathon in October) and am still trying to decide between two in California and one in Alaska! ;)

the Detroit Marathon was great! believe it or not i got my second wind between the 20 and 21 mile mark!!! which is good because i lost around 15 minutes at the 7 mile mark (had to go to the bathroom ... the line was INSANE). no worries though,
i felt GREAT as i crossed the finish line .. emotionally and physically! i even went for a run the next day! :)

a big fat thank you! to those of you who emailed asking if i was still alive! xoxo

well that should do it for another month or two ;)
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cats running and housing .. [04 Oct 2004|08:59pm]
the last 24 hours ...

* sunday was my last 20 mile run before my marathon on the 24th! seeing how i only ran one, yes, one mile all week (to be fair it was a kick ass mile and i did do a PR) i was pleasantly surprised at how smooth sundays run went! i didn't have my best time (didn't expect to either after not running all week), nor my worst time. i actually did fairly decent as far as time goes. what's more important is how i felt, and after the first few miles i felt great! of course i was feeling a bit fatigued by mile 18, but like i said, after not running all week (due to my housing crisis) that was to be expected. btw, my legs feel good today:)

* i hate goo/energy gels, and eating a Cliff/Luna bar while on a long isn't giving me the energy i needed, so i decided that i'd try some dried pineapple chunks for energy (as recommended by someone in the marathoners community).
yup, i should have took their advice earlier! not only do the pineapple chunks taste waaaaay better but i get the energy boost i need (i ate around 6 chunks every 15-30 minutes after the first hour)! :)

* i got to hang out (over dinner) with big_trouble last nite!!!
in case you don't know, he's a real stand up guy! i miss seeing him on a (semi) regular basis. that's okay though, as soon as he gets set up in Brooklyn i am SO on his floor (for a week or two)! LOL!

* i miscalculated my commission check by over $100! i was really counting on that extra money. this sucks. speaking of commissions, with jill gone my commissions have been great (no one to steal them .. funny how that works).

* all the affordable housing is in Ypsilanti. damnit. it's just too far of a commute to work (and back). i'd have to get another job and with all that's going on right now that's the last thing i need to worry about ... finding another job! grrrrr.

* while on our walk tonite stacee and i ran into two cats on Main St. (which is a busy street) walking around looking like they wanted to go play in traffic! they started following us so we stopped and decided to follow them and see if they would take us to their home. they kept on walking up the back steps/entrance of this studio downtown, and upon further investigation we found 9 Lives cat food inside the hallway (we peeked in the door before we started banging on it) and used cat food tins bagged up outside. we banged on every door in hopes that someone would answer so we could make sure that they did indeed live there (one cat even went to the front door of the studio and tried to get in that way), but, nobody was home.
it was a little unnerving as they kept on walking up to the curb like they were going to run across the street or something .. like i said, this is all happening on a BUSY street downtown! we were so worried about them that we stayed there to make sure they were okay until their asshole human companion(s) came home.
what kind of a fucking heartless moron are you that you let two cats with NO ID tags or collars on run around on a busy street downtown at nite? GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!
anyway, as soon as this woman comes walking up the alley with her $200 hair cut and her wanna be So Ho hipster fashion (her poodle has a better hair cut then i do, btw ... yeah, she has a dog, too) we KNOW the cats have got to belong to her. and they do.
stacee politely tells her she thinks they are hungry because they've been crying at the door(s) for the last 30 minutes. she says no, they're not hungry, she just fed them this afternoon. no thank you for making sure her cats don't run out in traffic, she just waltzs by us like were trash and unlocks her door ... the one cat ran in as soon as she opened up the door, the other one was still outside (we hadn't seen it in 10 minutes and didn't know where it escaped to) and she didn't seem to care either, she just walked in with her poodle and ugly man friend/husband/boyfriend and that was that. BITCH!

animals are not accessories, they are living breathing feeling creatures and if you don't have the time or energy to take care of them (like you would your own children) then don't bother adopting one! her poodle was obviously some kind of fashion statement for her.

needless to say we spent the majority of our walk stressing about the cats!

i'm glad at least one cat is warm now. if i see either one of those cats out and about town i will for sure be catnapping them on the spot! you can put money down on that one!

* time to heat up some leftovers and veg for a while.
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[29 Sep 2004|10:51pm]
props to California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger!

i will now resume my nervous breakdown ;)
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two choices .. [26 Sep 2004|04:52pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

.. for this mornings run.

the first being a longer run, which has a few decent size hills and some twists and turns along the way. i've run this route a lot and quite enjoy it. it take me past some very scenic farms, some rolling hills and an official "Natural Beauty, Scenic Drive" road :)

the second choice for this mornings adventures ..
a shorter route, loaded with hills! hill after hill after hill (the last 5.53 miles). this is also a beautiful route, however, it's also an extremely challenging route (not to mention dangerous).

what to do what to do ...

i left the house not knowing which i'd do until i got to W road ... if i ran past W road, it's going to be the long run. if i turn down W road, it's going to be the shorter (more difficult) run.

i ended up doing the shorter run. my legs are still trying to figure out a way to kick my ass.

EDIT: 19:42
my legs are now thanking me :)

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another post about running .. [24 Sep 2004|08:04pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

one more month to go! 4 weeks. 30 days. holy. shit. the panic, the stress, the excitement, it's all here. swimming inside of me. it's going to be a roller coaster of a ride ..it's a good thing i'm an adrenaline junkie!

i keep on second guessing myself ..am i running enough 20 mile runs (*1)? should i run another 20+ mile run? when do i start tapering (*2)? am i eating enough carbs? am i drinking enough water?
am i cross training enough? should i pick up the intensity in my cross training (when i start tapering)? am i resting enough? am i resting too much?

*1 i will be running my last 20 mile run next Sunday (then start tapering) ... i may decide to do a couple extra miles (we'll see how i feel at the time).

*2 even though i am following a marathon training schedule for beginners, it's a little different than what my class is doing, and what i've read in books (and depending on the book you pick up you can get anything from a 5 week taper to a 3 week taper). i've added a LOT to my original schedule .. thrown in a few extra 20 mile runs, and a 24 mile run, i've also repeated core weeks (mainly those with the long run being 17 miles). btw, a big fat thank you goes out to all those in the runners and marathoners communities who have given me solid advice and support along the way! :) xoxo

speaking of support ..

since i'm getting none from my family (they think i'm crazy and to be honest i doubt they will show up to watch me run my first marathon), it came as a great surprise when a friend of mine asked if he could come watch me run!!! um, hell yeah, you can come watch me run!!! :)

in other running news ..

even though i skipped my tuesday run this week (due partly to my right hamstring and partly due to me going to the movies .. Maria Full of Grace), i had two of the best runs ever this week! usually it takes me at least 3 miles before i get into "the zone" ... not this week, i felt great from start to finish during both runs! and tonite, my stride was excellent! i felt like i was gliding :)

it's so easy for me to get discouraged, especially because i'm not the fastest runner out there. i feel like i should be XT harder, and doing more (miles), but i know that i'm doing the best that i can. i also know that my normal runs are a hell of a lot harder than most peoples (hills hills and more hills).

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24 miles .. [19 Sep 2004|04:55pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

i hit the wall. head on as a matter of fact! i've always heard about "the wall" and now we've been properly introduced. the first 20 (or so*) miles were no problem, it's the next 4 that killed me! i seriously do NOT know how i did it, but somehow i pushed through all the pain and finished my run.

why oh why did i choose the one route that was nothing but hills? hill after hill after hill! sure it's beautiful, but come on ...what the hell was i thinking? it's a good thing that Detroit is a fast (flat) course (it's a qualifying course for Boston) otherwise i'd be in a funk right about now.

* because the route i was running was so hilly (24 miles of nothing but hills) i think i may have hit the wall a little early (maybe mile 18 or 19).

this and that ... from todays run

* dogs are always barking at me when i run, some even like to run next to me from time to time. today i had a dog run up to me (i almost ran right into him/her) and bite my shorts! i don't know if it was an attack dog, trained to go after people or if he/she just wanted to play (like i said i've had a few dogs that want to go running with me). either way, as soon as it's owner called it's name he/she went running back to him. i never stopped, i just kept on running. :)

* i ate 2 Luna bars and drank all 50 oz. of water in my Camelbak.
i had a Cliff bar left over but no water to go with it :(

* i was contemplating calling my dad (who lives in the area) and having him meet me and bring some Gatorade!

* toward the end of my run (last 5 miles) my walk breaks went from 1-2 minutes to 3-4 minutes! damn those hills!

* despite todays run being hands down the hardest run i've ever done, it was a BEAUTIFUL day! you couldn't ask for a more perfect day (the weather was in the 40's when i started and the 60's when i finished) .. i even saw two deer :)

* i'm glad i decided to rest yesterday :)

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another 20 miler .. [12 Sep 2004|05:16pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

all i knew when i headed out the door this morning was that i was either going to run 20.2 miles or 24 miles .. i wasn't really sure of what route i was going to take and true to form i didn't make up my mind until the last minute when i ran right by W road (instead of turning down W road), and headed toward SLR. that was that, i'd be running 20.2 miles! i was feeling pretty good, taking plenty of walk breaks early on, i had my Camelbak with me (keeping well hydrated), my form was good, and despite swallowing a gnat (or two) my breathing was excellent! by the time i reached the 1/2 way mark i had already shaved 5 minutes off my previous time on this route ... i first ran this route in early august, my last 20 mile run was in north A2 on a fast course, so we wont be comparing todays 20 mile run with that one (which was two weeks ago)! as i turned around to tackle the remaining 10.1 miles i noticed a co-worker driving by (i assume he was coming from jills house at 10:15 on a sunday morning). anyway, the rest of the run went pretty good and before i knew it i was at the 18 mile mark, and by the time i got to my driveway i had shaved 15 minutes off my previous time running this route!!!!!

holy. shit.

not only did i shave 15 minutes off my time, but i noticed a considerable improvement in my running today:) i felt a LOT stronger ... right up to the very end ..and i have a nice welcome home hill that awaits me as i turn the corner heading into town and make my way up the last .5 miles to my door!

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Sunday morning run .. [05 Sep 2004|03:45pm]
[ mood | happy ]

i've been looking forward to this run all week! i knew it was going to be an easy one (short) because i had been sick all week long and only managed to squeeze in one pathetic 3 miler!

i had everything all laid out (per usual) .. sports bra, shirt, shorts, socks, underwear, new Nike drifit cap, sunglasses, Tylenol 8 hour, water bottle (waiting to be filled), cell phone (in case i injure myself ..or worse!) .. i was ready to go! i got up around 6:30 AM and ate breakfast while watching CNN, did some stretches, brushed my teeth, contemplated taking a shower (decided against it), and believe it or not i even crawled back into bed for a little while.

i have been telling myself for the past three days that i was going to take it easy today* ... i was going to start my run at 8:00 AM (giving me a chance to sleep in), i was going to have a slower than usual pace (due to my being sick and my strained right hamstring and strained left quad injuries over the past two weeks), i was also going to take lots of walk breaks, and keep well hydrated. however, Mother Nature had other plans for me! to say it was foggy out there would be an understatement as i could barely see 20 feet in front of me! not good, especially when you run on country roads that wind (lots of blind curves) and have hills! so i waited. and waited. finally, at 9:15 AM i was out the door! i felt a little lighter than usual and it wasn't until i was about to turn down Huron River Dr. that i realized i had left my house keys in my purse at home! so i run back home, pound on my landlords door (he's deaf) and wait. nothing. i pound some more. nothing. all of a sudden i hear some rustling coming from the kitchen, so i make my way over to the side door and there he is at the kitchen sink washing dishes in his boxers and a t-shirt! *lol*
disaster avoided!
anyway, it wasn't until 9:20 AM that i finally started my run!

my plan was to run down Huron River Dr. to Walsh Rd., run down Walsh Rd., to Mast Rd., then down Mast which will take me home (it's a 12.47 mile run), but then i started thinking about running down Huron River Dr. to Walsh Rd. and back (10.2 miles) because it was so humid and i was still recovering from injuries and sickness. i wasn't going to make up my mind until i got to Walsh Rd. ... if i felt up to it i'd run down Walsh (1.77 miles of gravel and a couple of hills thrown in for good luck), and continue on Mast (i have only run .8 miles on Mast before -coming from Strawberry Lake Rd, turning down Mast and then turning on Walsh Rd.) until i got home.
believe it or not, i was feeling really good (and strong)! usually the first few miles are always the hardest on me (it takes at least 4 miles for me to get into "the zone"). not today, though. i felt great! my breathing was good, i had a nice controlled pace (slower than usual), and my legs felt good :) the next thing i knew i was running in the Shire (what i like to call Walsh Rd.)! no turning back now!

i have never really been on Mast Rd. before and wasn't sure what to expect. the portion of Mast Rd. that i usually run on is well shaded and flat. i could only hope that the rest of Mast Rd. was like this too, as the temp was in the 80's and it was HUMID! i had every fly known to mankind swarming me, and i could really use some shade! well, that didn't happen!
first of all Mast Rd. is freaking BEAUTIFUL! period. it's also very hilly... where Joy Rd. has a few big hills at the beginning and some smaller ones toward the end, Mast Rd. has hill after hill! you think to yourself thank god that one's over with, then you look up and there's another one waiting for you! *LOL* not only is Mast Rd. full of hills, it has NO shade! it's all farmland. one corn field after another!
there was the occasional tree by the side of the road here and there offering me about 5 seconds of shade to cool down in, but for the most part the sun was hot, the humidity felt like it was at 100% and i was running out of water! hahahaha!
but, i was also enjoying one of my favorite new roads! :)

i ran up and down one hill after another for the better part of 5.4 miles .. i tried to keep a positive attitude the whole time (i did a pretty good job of it too), and not let the humidity ruin the beauty that surrounded me!

by the time i got back into town i was out of water and ready for a nap! i've had plenty of water since then (a good lunch, too), but still haven't had my nap!

all in all, i had a great run and can't wait to get back on track next week! :)

* i have a tendency to really push myself (because in my mind i can do anything), so i have to remind myself over and over to take it easy (when needed) otherwise i'll get hurt.

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